Diamine and IL Functionalities within SBA-15 for copper immobilization
کد مقاله : 1156-INZC6
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With the advent and extension of green and sustainable chemistry [1], modern organic synthesis is based on a number of instructions such as avoiding the widespread use of toxic and dangerous reagents and solvents, rough reaction conditions, and costly and sophisticated catalysts [2]. Given the challenges of the global economy and the need for sustainable chemical processes, catalytic reactions play an important role in developing new synthetic procedures for the production of target molecules at fewer stages and with least amount of chemical waste [3]. In this work, CuI were complexed by ethylenediamine and modified by imidazolium-based ionic liquid (Scheme 1) and used to catalyzed azide–alkyne cycloaddition with phenylacetylene and iodobenzene in the presence of NaN3 through tandem procedure under aqueous and mild conditions. This catalyst recovered and reused seven times without significant decrease in activity.

Scheme 1 CuI-PrEn/IL@SBA-15 for the aqueous azide–alkyne cycloaddition.
With the advent and extension of green and sustainable chemistry
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Diamine, Ionic liquid, SBA-15, copper, immobilization
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