Influence of zeolite types to adsorb creatinine in solution as powders
کد مقاله : 1144-INZC6
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Hemodialysis, which was developed in the 1960s, has been introduced as an effective treatment for patients with chronic renal failure. 29,200 (95%) are undergoing hemodialysis. Considering the average growth rate of about 5% of patients with chronic renal failure in Iran, it is anticipated that this treatment will remain as the most important treatment method. Also, since long periods of time are needed for the hemodialysis process, this makes it hard for patients. In this study, due to the high absorption efficiency of zeolites, they can be used in hemodialysis. It can also be used as a biocompatible adsorbent by electrospinning and the production of hollow fibers containing different zeolites. Zeolite particles are used as adsorbents for creatinine. It is expected that the with can absorb toxins at a higher and faster rate. Also, in order to select the appropriate zeolite type, experiments were conducted to determine the type and amount of optimal absorbent that has a significant impact on the absorption of creatinine in the blood. The amount of absorption in the blood is measured by UV-Vis Spectrophotometric at 234 nm. The reduction in concentration from 139 μmol / L reached 126.6 μmol /L in mordenite zeolite type and 84.6 μmol /L in Beta zeolite (CPB11C) type.
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adsorption; Zeolite; Biomaterials; creatinine
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