Simultaneous and sensitive determination of a mixture of DA, UA, and Tyr using a modified CPE by Iron Nano Particles-doped zeolite
کد مقاله : 1135-INZC6
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استاد مدعو/پیام نور بندرعباس
چکیده مقاله:
Dopamine (DA) and uric acid (UA) and tyrosine (Tyr) were compounds with important biological and chemical significance and had potential roles in the metabolic system of human bodies. Nowadays, electrochemical methods had been extensively applied to determinate UA, DA and Tyr DA [1, 2]. In this research, the evaluation of a novel modified carbon paste electrode modified with Fe_NPs-doped zeolite for the simultaneous and sensitive determination of dopamine (DA), uric acid (UA) and tyrosine (Tyr) has been described. The measurements were carried out using cyclic voltammetry in a buffer solution with pH 6. For the mixture containing DA, UA, and Tyr, the 3 compounds can show well-separated peaks at the scan rate of 50 mV s−1 to simultaneous determine DA, UA, and Tyr. The peak current was linearly dependent on the DA, UA and Tyr concentrations in the range of 6.70–945 µM, 0.35–205 µM and 0.15–130 µM with the detection limits of 2.11, 0.11, 0.06 µM, respectively. The analytical performance of this sensor has been evaluated for simultaneous detection of DA, UA, and Tyr in human serum and urine samples.
کلیدواژه ها:
Zeolite, Fe NPs, Dopamine, Uric acid, and tyrosine.
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