Fabrication a composite Carbon Paste Electrodes (CPEs) Modified with Multi-Wall Carbon Neon-Tubes (MWCNTs / N, N-Bis (salicyliden)-1, 3-propandiamine) for the Potentiometric Determination of Lanthanum (III)
کد مقاله : 1072-INZC6
اعظم حسینی فخرآباد *1، راضیه ثانوی خشنود2، محمد رضا عابدی3، محمود ابراهیمی4
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چکیده مقاله:
The present paper describes the fabrication of a new modified Carbon Paste Electrode (CPE) for the determination of Lanthanum ion based on carbon nanotubes. Function multi –walled carbon. Was used for improvement of electrode response. In addition, paraffin, graphite, and N, N-Bus (salicyliden)-1, 3-propandiamine (SB-SalPr) were utilized in the manufacture of the electrodes. MWCNT-COOH was used as modifier in our CPE fabrication . The optima composition of CPE was built form 60% geraphitElectrode showed Nernstian response 19.37 slope e powder, 25% paraffin oil,10% multi –walled carbon nanotube and 5%ligand. (mV/decade) and response time (<10 s) Within a La+3 ion concentration ranging from (10-3-10-8M) having a detection restriction of 5.21×10-8 M. The sensor was successfully used for potentiometric titration La+3 with EDTA.The carbon paste electrode showed fast response time, good selectivity and applicable in the wide pH range of 5-9. Charged ionophores or neutral ligands are commonly applied to make electrodes sensitive to ions.
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Keywords: Ion selective Electrode, Multi-Walled Carbon
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