Synthesis and characterization graphene- porphyrin MOF nanocomposite for a conttolled drug delivery
کد مقاله : 1037-INZC6
رحمت اله رحیمی *1، زهرا قره داغی2
1رئیس دانشکده شیمی
2دانشگاه علم و صنعت ایران- دانشکده شیمی- گروه شیمی معدنی
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Abstract:In the domain of health, one important challenge is the efficient delivery of drugs in the body using non-toxic nanocarriers. Most of the existing carrier materials show poor drug loading (usually less than 5wt% of the transported drug versus the carrier material) and/or rapid release of the proportion of the drug that is simply adsorbed (or anchored) at the external surface of the nanocarrier. Porous hybrid solids, with the ability to tune their structures and porosities for better drug interactions and high loadings, are well suited to serve as nanocarriers for delivery applications. Various MOFs with tailored nanoporosities have recently been developed as potential drug delivery. The nanocomposites based on Zn-TCPP MOF and graphene layers were prepared with different percentages of graphene oxide (GO). All the synthesized materials were thoroughly characterized by Raman, XRD, IR, BET, TEM and SEM analysis. Through the characterization analyses and loaded drug experiments, we found that the nanosized and well-dispersed Zn-TCPP MOF induced by the incorporation of GO greatly improved the load and release drug performance of the nanocomposites. The insertion of the drug Doxorubicin (DOX) into the nanocomposite was around 22.5 wt. % per gram of de
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Keywords: Porphyrin; Zn-TCPP MOF; Graphene oxide; Drug delivery; Doxorubicinz.
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